Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy Weekend

Wow...where did the month go?  Summer is really screaming by.  OK...I'm so tried but I had to make this entry before I forget everything that went on. 

Thursday evening Milo and I took our evening walk.  We went out the the fork in the road and then returned.  We had every intention in lowering the flag.  As we walked around the corner by the firehouse, Milo darted down the hill, away from the school house.  He must have seen a chipmunk.  My eyes followed him as he  bolted down the hill.  As I turned my head back on the road, I came to a sudden stop.  Right there in front of me was a bear.  He was just sitting in the middle of the road, not bothering a soul.   I slowly turned and followed Milo down the hill, called him to me, and attached his leash.  We took the long way home and returned a half hour later.  We still had to lower the flag.  By that time, the bear had moved on to better and tastier things.

Friday morning my Boy Scout Troop led the pledge of allegiance at a large ceremony.  The traveling Vietnam Memorial wall came to town.  We were asked to participate and were happy to be there.  It brought back some memories I would like to forget forever so there were a few tears for lost friends and fellow soldiers.  I found their names on the wall in DC and did not feel a need to look on the traveling wall.

Although Saturday was a day off from work, Janice found plenty for me to do preparing for the community pot luck dinner.  Sorry, I forgot my camera.  It was fun and went well into darkness.  If you have followed my journal, you will remember that we lost the electricity to the Sunshine School house when the fire house burnt to the ground 3 years ago.  The darkness made the cleanup interesting. 


My niece Kelcey, Oldest son Nate and youngest son Michael.

Sunday morning I woke my youngest son up early and we headed up to Cheyenne.  My brothers are all in town so we had a mini family reunion.  Mom and Dad are both gone so it was the four sons and as much of their families as we could get together.  My younger brother, Dan, his wife and daughter,  flew in from Maryland.  My youngest brother, Phil, flew in from Portland, Oregon and my older brother John, lives in Cheyenne.  Janice had to work so I was accompanied by my two sons.  We met at my cousin Cathy's house and had a very enjoyable afternoon.  We  headed home around six so my son Nate could do his radio show.

The fun began around 9.  Nate has been helping a friend make a movie.  His friend has been going to school in NYC, majoring in film production.  Flying in half the staff from New York, they filmed here in Colorado.  The filming wrapped up on Saturday.  We hosted the "Wrap" party Sunday night.  It was fun and the party went on until around 1:30 in the morning.  Need I tell you how hard it was to go to work on Monday morning?

Monday morning (yesterday) my oldest brother John, started experiencing severe pains in his right arm.  He has had quadruple bypass surgery several years ago and recognized the signs.  My other two brothers took him to the hospital.  He is scheduled to have another procedure on Thursday.  Keep him in your prayers.

Make it a great week,



eml625 said...

You sure are busy !! That's a great picture of your sons, I think they look alot like Janice.
I will certainly keep John in my prayers that his procedure goes well.
How wonderful you and your brothers got to be together. I know what it's like when parents are gone and all you have are your siblings. It's so important to stay close.
Be well my friend, and watch out for the bears!

helmswondermom said...

I hope your brother's procedure goes well tomorrow.  I'm so glad you all got to get together for a mini reunion over the weekend.  Let us know how he is doing.

paintvicky said...

omg...prayers for your brother coming right up love V