Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Drive to Work

Our dear friend, Ellen, had a great idea so I though I would join in on the fun.  Here is my drive to work, in pictures.

After driving down our driveway, I pass the Sunshine school.  Milo and I have already taken our morning walk and hoisted the US flag.  We will lower the flag after I get home.


Our destination is down there somewhere, 6 miles down the hill, in Boulder.


Sometimes I have to glance off to the west and admire the view.  I never get tired of it.


I start down the big hill, a 700 foot drop in about a mile.  It's a bitch in the winter when it is covered in snow and ice.  Fortunately it faces south and the snow melts early.


Here's the view looking south from the big hill.  Lots of sunshine and blue skies.  The building is Boulder's water plant.  The stripes in the forest is where the trees have been cleared for the power lines.


More of the big hill.  We're about half way down in this picture.  Note all of the traffic I have to put up with.  I drive a little more than 6 miles before I have my first stop sign.


We're getting close to Boulder.  You can tell by the cottonwood trees.  I have to start watching out for bicycles.


Here's the map store, The Boulder Map Gallery.


I walk to the bank every morning.  Here is the path across the street from the store.


I get to walk under the main drag, Broadway Road.  We are always watching for Boulder Creek to flood.


Here's the bank.  After getting change for the store, I'm off for a days work.

Thanks for coming along for the ride (and walk).